Quality Policy
ACTE has implemented and maintains a quality system.
The quality objectives are obtained by a purposeful and structured handling of the tasks according to the quality procedures.
Co-operation with the customers has been established, involving the customer in connection with a total cost analysis and logistic in order to improve the co-operation in the long term.
In general, examination of offers/orders/contracts of products take place in order to avoid the company from making agreements on supplies which are not within the company’s range.
The employees shall have the qualifications required related to supplies of the company’s products and services. It is of great importance that responsibility and work is defined for the employees who are having a direct influence on the quality.
Where it is possible, the quality control is based on self-control and checklists in order to document the process.
A close co-operation with the suppliers shall guarantee that delivery of products, components and other services comply with the requirements and specifications of the company’s demands.
Quality Objectives
Our customers shall receive products as well as services of a standard which as a minimum have to correspond to the agreed. Furthermore, they are entitled to a service in connection with the supply of a standard which we define as a little better than agreed upon.
In order to obtain this, ACTE will involve the customer as well as the employees in a continual process on the purpose of marketing products and other services at a still improving quality level.


ACTE A/S' objectives
The customer shall feel that the company is always giving a high priority to the co-operation with the customer.
The customer shall realise that expectations and needs related to the delivered products and services are fulfilled.
To be a serious trader within our field as a supplier of high-technology electronic components and products. To grow, be profitable and constantly developing.
ACTE’s vision is simplicity, efficiency, changeability, responsibility, and freedom.
Measurable Quality Objectives:
In order to survey and improve activities and other matters of essential influence as to the quality objective, the management group lays down a programme of measurable quality objectives.
The president is in charge of the resources necessary to meet the quality objectives.
The president and the logistics manager are held responsible for informing the quality policy to all employees.