Setting the wheels of industry turning
Our segment Subcontractors is of special interest for companies working as
EMS providers. In addition to production services, the EMS provider also
grants many adding services. The number of value adding services and
flexibility are well-known factors for everyone working in this market.
The variety of services offered by subcontractors to the market are typically:
  Design for manufacturing and design help in general
  Assembly in boxes and system integration
  After sales
As subcontractors manufacture within all of the ACTE segment areas, the
range of industries is wide. Further more, the production services granted
by subcontractors are included in all of ACTE's application areas in order
for the subcontractors to secure the most updated end products or
state-of-the-art products.
ACTE works as coordinator in three-parts solutions in which the end customer,
the EMS provider and ACTE together set up a strategy for the total solution,
which include issues like design-in, forecast scheduling, product updating,
time-to-market, etc.
ACTE offers known and requested services and will also be able to handle
tomorrow's needs. In addition to our direct services to EMS providers, we also
offer services and design solutions to "your" customers.
Logistic services is a key issue for every player in the market. We do not offer
you a system built up about ourselves, but a solution built up about you. For
example, our MRP system is flexible in any ways, which means that it can
work together with any other MRP system. A customized logistic service for
you - including e.g. EDI or WMI - is our background.
As a wide range of different needs of services is possible, we offer you the most
customized solution.